hou, verb transitive

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, hou hold + moed courage.
In the interjectional phrase hou moed /həʊ ˈmʊt/.
An injunction not to lose heart. Cf. vasbyt.
Used most commonly in speech.
[1900 P.J. Du Toit Diary (1974) 13After riding a small distance we off-saddled and the General addressed the men, encouraging them to ‘hou goede moed’. [Note] Keep their courage up.]
1936 C. Birkby Thirstland Treks 252As after the 1925 floods, so now the women urged their men to hou moed, to be courageous in facing the future.
1944 Twede in Bevel Piet Kolonel 113As..the goal of going North seemed more unattainable than ever, it would have been no wonder had our oft-repeated cry of ‘Hou moed’ fallen on deaf ears.
[1973 Star 2 June 13Happy birthday, however. (It was on Thursday, if you remember.) Hou moed — en die blink kant bo.]
1978 Het Suid-Western 6 Dec.Go to it P.W. — Hou moed.
1991 A. Van Wyk Birth of New Afrikaner 33The smiling faces would transmit: ‘Hou moed! Do not lose heart!’
An injunction not to lose heart.
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