hoofstad, noun1

Also hofstaad, hoofstadt, and with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Adaptation of Afrikaans hoofstat the ‘great place’ of a chief, from hoof principal, main + stat a black settlement.
There exists some confusion in South African English concerning Afrikaans usage, in which stat is used to refer to a black settlement or township, and stad to a city.
Great place, see great.
1898 C. Rae Malaboch p.xvii (Jeffreys)The Commissioner sent some of the missionary Kafirs up to to the Hoofstadt with a request for Malaboch to come down as he wanted to take the census of the tribe.
1911 Blackburn & Caddell Secret Service 162From the day he left Pretoria until the day he reached the hofstaad of Magato..his doings were known to the chief as completely as if he had been supplied with the traveller’s diary.
1953 B. Fuller Call Back Yesterday 7He kept a mountain hoofstad overlooking the little kopje.
Great place, see great.
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