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hoofstad, noun1

Also hofstaad, hoofstadt, and with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Adaptation of Afrikaans hoofstat the ‘great place’ of a chief, from hoof principal, main + stat a black settlement.
There exists some confusion in South African English concerning Afrikaans usage, in which stat is used to refer to a black settlement or township, and stad to a city.
Great place, see great.
1898 C. Rae Malaboch p.xvii (Jeffreys)The Commissioner sent some of the missionary Kafirs up to to the Hoofstadt with a request for Malaboch to come down as he wanted to take the census of the tribe.
1953 B. Fuller Call Back Yesterday 7He kept a mountain hoofstad overlooking the little kopje.
Great place, see great.

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