hoërskool, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, hoër higher + skool school.
An Afrikaans-medium secondary school.
‘Hoërskool’ is almost invariably part of the names of these schools, e.g. Hoërskool Malherbe, Hoërskool Transkei.
1955 Pietersburg Eng. Medium School Mag. Nov. 27The next match against the local Hoërskool was, unluckily, no anti-climax.
1970 Daily Dispatch 11 Dec. 6Umtata’s Hoërskool Transkei will be able to offer English higher to junior and senior certificate candidates next year...This is the first time this Afrikaans medium school has been able to offer this to senior school students.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 77When the two older children had gone to the Hoërskool they had promised to write.
An Afrikaans-medium secondary school.
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