hoer, noun

derogatory, offensive, not in polite use
1. A whore, a ‘tart’; also used as a term of abuse.
1963, 1976 [see sense 2].
1990 G. Slovo Ties of Blood 308Rosa backed away. In doing so she bumped into the table where the youth was seated. ‘Hoer’ he said. He got up abruptly and took one step towards her.
1991 P. Slabolepszy Braait Laaities. 19(He chuckles and wiggles his hips and feels himself up, provocatively. She backs away, horrified.) Moira: You calling me a slet?...You calling me a bladdy hoer!?
2. combinations
hoerhouse, a brothel;
hoermeid /-meɪt/ [Afrikaans, meid an insulting term for a black woman], a term of abuse, ‘black whore’.
1963 A. Fugard Notebks (1983) 85Had a lot to say about Klipplaat, that tough, dusty hot-as-hell railway junction here in the Eastern Cape. ‘Put a roof over it and a redlight outside and you got a hoerhouse...Standard greeting at Klipplaat: ‘How’s your wife and my children?’
1976 M. Melamu in New Classic No.3, 3Anyway, Georgina tells me she knows I’m running after some filthy hoermeid. This woman’s language, hayi!
A whore, a ‘tart’; also used as a term of abuse.
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