gramadoelas, gamadoelas, plural noun

Also gammadoelas, grammadoelas, and with initial capital.
Afrikaans, Zulu, XhosaShow more Afrikaans, ultimate etymology unknown; perhaps related to Zulu and Xhosa induli (plural amaduli) hillock, summit of a small hill.
bundu sense 1. Also attributive, and transferred sense.
[1948 L.G. Green To River’s End 132Northwards stretches the road, ever northwards to the remote country that is so well described by the Afrikaans word ‘gramadoelas’.]
1993 M. Oettle in Weekend Post 17 July (Leisure) 785c [stamp]..: ‘moon landscape’. The deeply eroded gramadoela country to the north of the Kuiseb River.
bundu1. Also attributive, and transferred sense.

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