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goosie, noun

Also goose.
English, AfrikaansShow more Transferred use of English goose ‘a woman; hence, the sexual favour; low: from ca. 1870’ (E. Partridge Dictionary of Slang edited by by P. Beale, 1984, p.489) + (informal) suffix -ie; or Afrikaans suffix -ie.
1. Prison slang. The ‘female’ partner in a homosexual relationship. Cf. lighty sense 2.
1965 R.H.L. Strachan in Rand Daily Mail 1 July 4In Pretoria Central there were certain big cells containing about five prisoners and these were known as ‘married quarters’. A number of long-term prisoners had their ‘goosie’ and these were open relationships.
2. A girl; a girlfriend.
1974 J. Matthews Park 23‘No dice, Sly ou pellie,’ Jammie said. ‘No gang-bang dis time. I doan wanna scare de goosies.’
1990 R. Gool Cape Town Coolie 59I ’eard it you living in the Cape now...Ow’s all those Coloured bokkies?...You could fix me up with some Malay goosie?
The ‘female’ partner in a homosexual relationship.
A girl; a girlfriend.

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