gonie, noun

Also goney, gonnie.
IsicamthoShow more Isicamtho, origin unknown (but see quotation 1962).
A knife.
[1962 W.S. Manqupu in Star 22 Feb. 14Other languages have also been drawn on for the tsotsis’ lingua franca, Chinese, Latin, French, Indian and Central African. For example, as a group of Central African tribesmen are addicted to the use of the knife, the tsotsis now have the verb ‘goni,’ which means to stab. The word comes from the Angoni tribe of Nyasaland.]
1978 A. Akhalwaya in Rand Daily Mail 10 July 7‘There’s spans of ous vying around with gonies...’ Natal Indian slang is a language on its own.
1979 A.P. Brink Dry White Season 80‘My wife keeps on nagging me to stop before someone tries to pasa me with a gonnie’ — making a stabbing gesture with his left hand to clarify the tsotsi expressions he seemed to relish.
1985 J. Makunga in Staffrider Vol.6 No.2, 36Vuyo had the blade of his gonie on Tsidi’s neck.
1987 S.A. Botha in Frontline Oct.Nov. 15Prison slang...Goney. knife.
A knife.

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