Gona, noun2

Ghona, GonahShow more Also Ghona, Gonah, Gonna, Goonaa, and with small initial.
Gonas, or unchanged.
See Gonaqua.
obs. except in historical contexts
Shortened form of Gonaqua (sense 1). Also attributive.
1809 R. Collins in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1900) VII. 20The poor Gona pleaded with all the gestures of theatrical representation to be exempted from the prohibition against intruders into the colony.
1824 J. Ayliff Journal. 31Two Goonaa Men (these being a race between the Caffres and Hottentots and [who] speak the Caffre Language).
1833 W. Shaw in B. Shaw Memorials (1841) 231About fifty years ago this country was occupied by several powerful clans of Hottentots, especially the Gonakwas or Gonna Tribe.
1853 F.P. Fleming Kaffraria 8There is..a..tribe on the Eastern frontier of the present colony, called Gonaquas, or Gona Hottentots, who are of intermingled Kaffir and Hottentot extraction.
1853 J. Green Kat River Settlement in 1851 70The Kaffirs, Gonahs, and Hottentots immediately started off in pursuit in the most furious manner.
a1858 J. Goldswain Chron. (1949) II. 134Gonah..(basterd betwen a Kaffer and Hottentot).
1957 Varley & Matthew Cape Jrnls of N.J. Merriman 119The term Gona was frequently used in the Eastern Colony to designate a Xosa whose colour and general appearance approached those of the Hottentots.
1981 J.B. Peires House of Phalo 24According to one report, there were more San than Gona Khoi living among the Gcaleka.
Shortened form of Gonaqua (sense 1). Also attributive.

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