goef, noun

Also goof.
As goef verb intransitive.
A swim. See also goofies.
1970 K.M. Brand Informant, East LondonI’m going for a quick goof to cool down (swim).
1971 F.G. Butler Informant, GrahamstownGoef. A swim.
1975 Blossom in Darling 12 Feb. 119‘Ag, not now, man, Vern,’ I groan. ‘It’s too blerry hot for smooching, let’s rather jis go catch a goef hey?’
1976 Blossom in Darling 14 Apr. 115Yesterday arvey we went for a goef..and Dumbo nearly stood on a crocodile.
1991 M. Hurt Informant, DorpspruitI’ll get my cozzie and go to the pool for a goef. I hope there aren’t too many muggies there.
1991 Y. Maakenschyn Informant, JohannesburgBring your own sarmies and your cossie and we’ll go for a goef.
A swim.
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