game, noun

EnglishShow more English, wild animals or birds.
Special Combinations game farming, game ranching verbal noun phrases, the raising and utilization of game animals and birds as a commercial enterprise;
hence game farm, game ranch nouns, a farm on which such game is raised; also attributive; so game farmer, game rancher nouns.
These terms are used also in other African countries.
1975 S. Afr. Panorama Sept. 42Game farming has, within recent years, gained tremendous popularity in South Africa.
1982 Flying Springbok Sept. 88Gamefarm. Most people might imagine that the days of the white hunter, leading clients on safari through the African bush in search of big game, are over...Coenraad changed the nature of the farm with the times and established a game ranch about 10 years ago.
1984 S. Afr. Panorama Dec. 33There are hunting farms, game farms, farms adjoining fishing resorts, farms where one can ride horses.
1986 E. Prov. Herald 27 Nov. 10He urged game farmers to get themselves organised and keep informed on all developments in the industry.
1986 E. Prov. Herald 27 Nov. 10Mr Halse said: ‘Whatever we do we start with the environment, without [which] the game farming, professional hunting and local hunting do not exist.’
1988 A. Von Wietersheim in Afr. Wildlife Vol.42 No.2, 69In an ecologically balanced game-farming operation the full spectrum of animals such as rodents, mongooses and even predators should have their rightful place.
1992 C. Nel in Farmer’s Weekly 14 Feb. 12During the next three years, he phased out cotton, establishing pastures on the old cotton lands and converting his operation to a game farm.
1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 174Game ranching provides Rhodesia and overseas markets with eland and other forms of venison.
1972 Daily Dispatch 4 Sept. 10As the management of our antelope herds improves and game ranching becomes an economic activity, the eland will occupy a proud place in our new wealth of wildlife.
1974 Farmer’s Weekly 27 Feb.Located in the heart of the Zululand game country..a highly developed 1133ha game ranch. Fully stocked with over 4 000 head of game.
1988 S. Afr. Panorama May 16More than 3000 game ranches in various parts of the country cover millions of hectares and represent a multi-million rand capital investment.
1988 D. Richards in Proc. of Internat. Symposium: Nat. Parks, Nature Reserves & Neighbours (Endangered Wildlife Trust) 34Initiating game ranching in protected and neighbouring areas would produce a viable red-meat production scheme, coupled with the added by-products of curios from hides, horns and hooves.
1989 J. du P. Bothma Game Ranch Management 2With a healthy marketing system, professional game ranch management and cropping programmes, a combination of game and stock can..convert a large number of uneconomical stock ranch units into economically viable units in many areas.
1989 J. du P. Bothma Game Ranch Management 31The potential game rancher must be acquainted with the different nature conservation regulations which require a minimum area for certain game species.
1992 C. Nel in Farmer’s Weekly 14 Feb. 12Game ranchers have saved a number of mammal species from extinction since the beginning of the century.
the raising and utilization of game animals and birds as a commercial enterprise;
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