fat cake, noun phrase

British and Australian English, AfrikaansShow more British and Australian English, reinforced by Afrikaans vetkoek.
vetkoek sense a.
Occasionally noncount.
1883 O.E.A. Schreiner Story of Afr. Farm 134Doss lay with his nose close to the covered saucer, and smelt that some one had made nice little fat cakes that afternoon.
1924 L.H. Brinkman Glory of Backveld 35Indoors the women were..busy making biscuits, bread, fat-cakes, yards and yards of sausages.
1954 P. Abrahams Tell Freedom 83On the bench near the fire, heaped on a plate, were golden fatcakes.
1961 D. Rooke Lover for Estelle 105Estelle had made fat cakes for the children and had given Ocky a piece of game biltong to teethe on, so they were quiet at least.
1976 B. Head in Quarry ’76 17I’d like to buy one bag of bread flour and cooking oil for fat cakes so that we can have a change of food.
1980 J. Matthews in M. Mutloatse Forced Landing 38Mugs of coffee and still-hot fat cakes from the portable coffee stalls of the vendors.
1982 I.M. in M.O. Mtshali Give Us a Break (1988) 28Made tea and went to the shops to buy fat cakes.
1988 N. Mathiane in Frontline Nov. 34The township children usually have lunches of fatcake and chips.
1990 Sunday Times 4 Mar. 17He..provides trays of fatcakes and crates of cold drinks to radical youths at street meetings.
1994 F. Ulana in E. Prov. Herald 26 Aug. 10I was an ordinary peasant trying to make a living, selling paraffin and fatcakes from dawn to dusk...Young criminals..stole my wares when it got dark.
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