Eurafrican, adjective and & noun

EnglishShow more Blend formed on English European + African.
A. adjective coloured participial adjective sense a.
1922 S.G. Millin Adam’s Rest II. 156Frances no longer looked as if she might be a beautiful Spaniard or Italian. She was obviously Eurafrican.
1970 Drum Feb. 18He did his early schooling at Newtown Primary from where he proceeded to the Eurafrican Training College in Vrededorp.
B. noun coloured noun sense a.
1927 W.M. Macmillan Cape Colour Question 288All recent restrictive legislation, designed for the ‘segregation’ of the Natives, classes the ‘Eurafrican’ with the Europeans.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 50Eurafrican, A half-caste, one of whose parents is European, the other African or native.
1951 H. Davies Great S. Afr. Christians 16His segregation policy was conceived in the interests of Eurafricans and Africans.
colouredparticipial adjectivea.
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