enkosi, interjection

encose, encosiShow more Also encose, encosi, e,nkosi, inkors, inkosi, kosi, nkosi, unkoes.
XhosaShow more Xhosa enkosi, nkosi from inkosi lord; see quotations 1915 and 1976.
‘Thank you’.
Used chiefly among Xhosa-speakers. Cf. inkosi.
1803 J.T. Van der Kemp in Trans. of Missionary Soc. I. 438He cuts off his piece with his assagay, and divides it with some of the company,..who on receiving it say unkoes! (I thank you!).
1835 T.H. Bowker Journal. 6 JuneWith this they appeared to be pleased and cried out ‘encose’ thankyou.
1891 T.R. Beattie Pambaniso 170The words Imibulelo and Enkosi mean thanks, and surely when a Kaffir makes use of these words when he receives anything from a white man, it shows that the gift or favour is appreciated.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 226A Kaffir will express his sense of indebtedness for a favour by saluting the person bestowing it as an ‘Inkosi’ or benefactor. The word has, however, in the form enkosi come to be regarded, and is often used by colonists, as being the equivalent of the English ‘Thank you’.
1915 A. Kropf Kafir-Eng. Dict. 194Enkosi! or the simple vocative nkosi! is used..as the English ‘thanks,’ to express gratitude to a giver by saying uyinkosi, you are a lord.
1971 Drum July 57I looked around..and said to them: ‘Well, now I’m glad you have had the sense not to let this unpleasantness spoil your party.’ ‘Nkosi!’ they cried.
1976 West & Morris Abantu 22The word for ‘thank you’ in Xhosa is inkosi (chief), the implication being that generosity is the mark of a chief.
1979 F. Dike First S. African 1Freda: Good morning bhuti...Can you tell me where the superintendent’s office is?...Oh, that door...Thank you very much. Enkosi kakhulu.
1987 D.J. Grant in Frontline June 13At the stops people clamber, still singing, towards the exit. ‘Encosi driver!’ ‘Thank you driver!’
‘Thank you’.
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