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A. adjective
1. a. Of or pertaining to the Anglican Church (officially, the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, see CPSA noun1); frequently in combination English Church. b. Of or pertaining to the English-language churches. Cf. Engelse Kerk (see Engels adjective sense 3).
1832 J. Cameron in B. Shaw Memorials (1841) 201Attended the service of the English Church. The bishop of Calcutta..preached a truly evangelical sermon.
1913 H. Tucker Our Beautiful Peninsula 37With what equal astonishment would he have found it (sc. his rural retreat) rechristened ‘Bishopscourt’ and become the home of an Archbishop of the English Church.
1971 Seek June 1Recent allegations in Parliament that the ‘English Parsons’ incited Port Elizabeth’s Coloureds during recent bus riots.
1991 F.G. Butler Local Habitation 274Members of a steadily-diminishing English-speaking community still worshipping in ‘English’ churches.
2. a. Of or pertaining to (white) English-speaking South Africans. b. English-speaking; Engels-sprekende adjective, see Engels noun sense 3 b. In both senses also called Engels adjective sense 2.
1893 Harley in Cape Illust. Mag. June 377Dutch and English Colonial farmers and a few young Englishmen, who..had come to South Africa to learn farming.
a1930 G. Baumann in Baumann & Bright Lost Republic (1940) 163The Remington Scouts,..made up not only of Cape Colonials but, I am sorry to say, of a number of Free State-born English boys.
1949 C. Bullock Rina 34‘You are English, are you not, Mr Marston?’ ‘English South African,’ I pointed out.
1956 M. Rogers Black Sash p.xviThe Afrikaner has an entirely different solution to the English South African in whom the traditional British colonial approach is still strong — occupation, education, emancipation.
1963 M.G. McCoy Informant, Port ElizabethThe article..is the same one we had published in the Evening Post,..saying that the English South Africans are traitors to their political & moral traditions.
1970 News/Check 4 Sept. 5It is sad that so many English South Africans today still persist in believing in the old time-caricature of A Monolithic Afrikanerdom, of one mind and one purpose.
1971 Evening Post 5 June (Mag. Sect.) 9Many ‘English’ rugby fans who understand Afrikaans have got into the habit of listening to rugby commentaries in that language.
1990 Sunday Times 1 Apr. 22I, and many other English-speaking, but bilingual, South Africans become intensely annoyed when referred to as English or British.
1993 L. Harris in Daily News 14 Jan. 13It was traditional for Afrikaans schools to make extensive use of fund-raising...‘English schools usually prefer to enforce higher school fees.’
3. Special collocation English Press, the South African English-language press; Engelse pers, see Engels adjective sense 3.
1943 J. Burger Black Man’s Burden 246The English Press in the Union is Pro-British, and attacks the republican and Afrikaans movement wherever possible.
1960 J.H. Coetzee in H. Spottiswoode S. Afr.: Rd Ahead 73It is quite impossible to build up a better understanding as long as the English press sticks to its myth of the Afrikaner bully and suppressor of poor innocent Natives and Englishmen.
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 69The United Party is blaming the Nationalists for the riots, and the Nationalists are putting the blame right back on the United Party and their English press.
1972 J. Mervis in Communications in Afr. Vol.1 No.2, 2It is the English Press..the direct heirs and successor to Fairbairn and Pringle..which more than any other section of the Press in South Africa, is maintaining the highest standards and traditions of newspaper independence and freedom.
1973 Sunday Times 27 May 12On the instructions of Dr. Verwoerd, secret plans to take action against the English Press were prepared in 1964 and 1965 by a special Cabinet committee assisted behind the scenes by certain Transvaal judges.
1979 W. Ebersohn Lonely Place 50The whole thing is typical of the English press — get hold of a little thing and blow it up out of all proportion to discredit the Afrikaner.
1993 H. Tyson Editors under Fire 11Every Nationalist speech from every political platform across the country devoted much of its content to the evils — and the dangers — of the Engelse pers, the English press.
B. noun , plural unchanged. a. Usually pl. : White English-speaking South Africans collectively; Engels noun sense 2 a. b. sing. rare. A white English-speaking South African: Engelsman sense 2.
Occasionally used as a singular in place of ‘Englishmen’, but representing the English English-speaking group as a whole (see quotations 1966, 1971).
1952 B. Davidson Report on Sn Afr. 153Against the long slow crucifixion of the Africans in South Africa the battle of words and shaken fists between the ‘English’ and the Afrikaners of today can seem, to strangers, little better than a shoddy farce.
1956 M. Rogers Black Sash p.xvHere the second great national problem arises: large numbers of this section of the South African nation, the English, refuse to recognise this fact.
1960 J.H. Coetzee in H. Spottiswoode S. Afr.: Rd Ahead 74The English in South Africa have to accept the real situation: they are South African, not Britishers.
1966 W. Maree in Argus 8 Apr. 6From now on, as far as a common loyalty to South Africa is concerned, Afrikaner and English will stand and work together.
1971 Rand Daily Mail 8 June 1The Afrikaner..had a tougher attitude towards the African whom he seemed to look on as a source of labour, while the English appeared to want a change over apartheid.
1973 Sunday Times 25 Feb. (Mag. Sect.) 10It has been said that the South African English agree with the Progs, vote United Party, and thank God for the Nats.
1989 K. Sutton in E. Prov. Herald 25 Feb. 4We will not have foreigners criticising our Afrikaners — that’s our job, we ‘English’..they’re family.
1989 Frontline Nov. 36The double-dealing of those post-colonial clones whom he describes as ‘the English’.
1989 J. Hobbs Thoughts in Makeshift Mortuary 381‘We are fighting this war to the death for our country. You English are irrelevant —’ ‘Don’t call me English!’
Of or pertaining to the Anglican Church (officially, the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, see CPSAnoun); frequently in combinationEnglish Church.
Of or pertaining to the English-language churches.
Of or pertaining to (white) English-speaking South Africans.
English-speaking; Engels-sprekendeadjective, see Engelsnoun3 b. In both senses also called Engelsadjective2.
the South African English-language press; Engelse pers, see Engelsadjective3.
White English-speaking South Africans collectively; Engelsnoun2 a.
A white English-speaking South African: Engelsman2.
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