Englander, noun

British EnglishShow more A misrepresentation of Afrikaans, probably by confusion with German Engländer, the source of this word as found in British English.
obs. except in historical contexts
A native of England; an Englishman. Cf. Engelsman sense 1.
1852 A.W. Cole Cape & Kafirs 122Though a peaceably-disposed set of men, they at all times entertain a considerable feeling of contempt for any diminutive ‘Englander’.
1903 D. Blackburn Burgher Quixote 3It is a common reproach among Englanders that we Transvaal Boers are ignorant.
a1936 R. Kipling in C. Corrington Rudyard Kipling (1955) 316It is only the little Englanders in London who say that the Transvaal is merely fighting for its independence, but over here both sides realize it is a question of which race is to run the country.
1975 S. Gray in Bolt No.12, 7Jan Maat was there seen to undergo a final snapping of the moral fibre, which the Good Lord had doubtless designed to be of little holding-power amongst the Dutch Elect; we Englanders rather inclining to obstinacy..which even the moderate application of liquor and subtropical solarity cannot tarnish, being the better man.
A native of England; an Englishman.
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