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doer, adverb

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, yonder, far away.
In the adverbial phrases daar doer /dɑː(r)ˈduːr/ [Afrikaans, daar there], doer and gone (slang), also doer ’n gone [by analogy with English hell and gone]: very far away. See also moer and gone (moer noun2 sense 2).
1972 InformantIt’s doer and gone over there — we’ll never get there in time.
1993 P.S. Walters Informant, GrahamstownThe college was doer and gone over the hill.
very far away.
Hence doer and gone noun phrase, a great distance.
1985 T. Baron in Frontline Feb. 30Port Nolloth is to doer and gone and cold and wet and windy and there are sullen fishermen who have named their boats P.A.Y.E.
1994 Informant, Grahamstown‘Is he a local guy?’ ‘No, he’s from doer ’n gone.’

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