diver, noun

Also dyver.
1. [The first quotation reflects a special sense of general English diver one who dives; subsequent quotations are often translations of South African Dutch duiker.] duiker sense 2 a.
1607 W. Keeling in R. Raven-Hart Before Van Riebeeck (1967) 35This forenoone wee sawe many seals velvett sleeves and dyvers alsoe sea fowles and trombos.
[1946 L.G. Green So Few Are Free 70Cormorants inhabit the outer rocks of Dassen Island in vast numbers. This voracious fish-eater is known in South Africa as the duiker (diver).]
2. [translation of South African Dutch duiker.] duiker sense 1 a.
1810 G. Barrington Acct of Voy. 157Another animal is called the Düiker or Diver, from the manner of its plunging and concealing itself among the bushes.
1847 [see duiker sense 1 a].
duiker2 a.
duiker1 a.

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