chorb, noun

Also chawb, chorbe.
seTswanaShow more Unknown; perhaps from a Sintu-language (or Bantu-language) word related to seTswana setshubaba, tshubaba, see chubaba.
Especially in the language of schoolchildren: a pimple.
1970 J. Greenwood Informant, JohannesburgYou have terrible chorbes.
1970 G.E.Q. Absolom Informant, GermistonShe had a nasty chawb on her chin (pimple).
1978 J. Hobbs Blossom in J. Branford Dict. of S. Afr. Eng. (1980) 53My boet is a skinny okie of fifteen with sticking-out ears and chorbs.
1983 Sunday Times 8 May 29‘You use it when you have chorbs, Woesie,’ Lynn says...‘It’s a pimple cream!’ shouts Woesie triumphantly.
1991 Dawson Informant, Moseley (Natal)The teenager was worried when her face started breaking out in chorbes.
a pimple.
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