children, plural noun

The children: Young black activists. Cf. the comrades (see comrade).
1978 Time 26 June 21‘The Children,’ as they had come to be called, decreed a two-day general that Sowetans could gather in churches to honor the dead with hymns extolling black power.
1980 E. Joubert Long Journey of Poppie Nongena 314The children didn’t stop with burning down schools and administration buildings and beer halls. They got bolder. The older ones called themselves the Comrades and told the adults: Your time is past: When we speak, you must listen.
1986 Cape Times 6 Mar.O’Brien predicts deepening anarchy as the necklace-loving ‘children’ of the township seek to destroy every person and institution that stands between them and the revolutionary millenium.
1987 L. Beake Strollers 63The windows were still broken where the children had thrown stones during the strikes.
1987 Learn & Teach No.5, 15In my day the bosses and their friends were stronger than us...The children today are strong. They are making history like we did.
Young black activists.
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