chalkdown, noun

Also chalks down.
EnglishShow more By analogy with general English down tools to strike.
A teachers’ strike. Also attributive.
1990 Weekly Mail 8 June 5In Lethlabile, the suspension of 13 teachers..had sparked a three-week-old ‘chalks down’ strike.
1991 A. Jeffery in Spotlight (S.A.I.R.R.) Mar. 3School boycotts and chalk-downs (strikes by teachers).
1993 Weekend Post 22 May 1There had been threats that as many as 80 000 teachers would hold a ‘chalk-down’ strike.
1993 Weekend Argus 14 Aug. 3The..South African Democratic Teachers’ Union..has opted for a chalkdown over demands for a 20 percent pay increase.
1994 Sunday Times 18 Sept. 22Vocal minorities in both the teaching and pupil corps are ever ready to instigate demonstrations, protests, boycotts and chalk-downs for short-term gains.
A teachers’ strike. Also attributive.
Hence chalkdown intransitive verb, to participate in a teachers’ strike.
[1993 Cape Times 10 Aug. 5 (caption)Teachers to down chalk.]
1993 Weekend Argus 14 Aug. 3More than 70 000 Sadtu members are due to chalkdown from Monday.
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