bush cart, noun phrase

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A two-wheeled ox-drawn vehicle for warfare in rough terrain. Also attributive.
These vehicles were issued to the Army in 1936 by the Minister of Defence, Oswald Pirow, but were never used.
1943 L. Sowden Union of S. Afr. 104No one ever called them anything but bush carts — two-wheelers, made mostly of steel, said to be uncapsizable and drawn by a pair of oxen.
1946 T. Macdonald Ouma Smuts 109Pirow..became famous (or notorious) for his bush-cart defence system...When Pirow showed his true colours and voted anti-war his bush-carts became a laughing stock for cartoonists and reporters.
1948 E. Prov. Herald 24 Jan. 3The last seven of the bush carts ordered for the army by Mr O. Pirow..will be sold at a War Stores Disposal Board auction...More than 200 have already been sold and others are still being used by the U.D.F. for the carting of garbage.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 846Non-Europeans would surely ask what prospects of political advancement there would be for them, and fear..that their progress was likely to be even slower than that of Pirow’s famous bush-carts.
1972 L.G. Green When Journey’s Over 47Pirow’s ludicrous bush carts were built in Paarl.
1984 N. Orpen Cape Town Rifles 93At solemn discussions held in the Prime Minister’s office in October 1937 Mr Pirow seriously put forward the claims of..the ‘bushcart’. It was an ox-drawn tumbril-like vehicle with which all battalions were to be equipped for bush fighting.
A two-wheeled ox-drawn vehicle for warfare in rough terrain. Also attributive.
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