Botha’s Babe, noun phrase

Also Botha Babe.
See quotation 1980.
historical, colloquial
soldoedie; usually in the plural, used collectively.
1971 Daily Dispatch 1 June 1Botha’s Babes, the Army girls who came all the way from George to show their paces, were hot favourites with the crowd.
1974 Het Suid-Western 12 Sept.The Civil Defence College gave a demonstration of simple self-defence methods, using seven Botha Babes as models.
1978 Sunday Times 23 Apr. 3The college trains women in behind-the-line jobs such as telecommunications, releasing men for active service. It was started at the suggestion of Mr Botha and the girl soldiers are known as ‘Botha’s Babes.’
1980 E. Prov. Herald 4 Dec.Military rules..have had to be re-interpreted at the South African Army Women’s College in George...Every year about 500 ‘Botha’s Babes’ pass through the college, which was opened in 1971 by Mr P.W. Botha, then Minister of Defence.
soldoedie; usually in the plural, used collectively.
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