bosveld, noun

bosch veld, boschjesveldShow more Formerly also bosch veld, boschjesveld, bosjesveld, bosjiesveld.
Afrikaans, South African DutchShow more Afrikaans (earlier South African Dutch boschveld, boschjesveld), bos bush + veld (open) countryside.
1. Usually with initial capital, designating a particular area.
a. obsolete. The inland area to the north-east of the Cape Peninsula.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 119This division of the district, on the northern side of the mountains, is called Bosjesveld (Bushland, or the Bushy Country);..that name was probably, at its first imposition, characteristic of the nature of the country.
b. the Bosveld: the Bushveld, see bushveld sense 1. Also attributive.
1882 J. Nixon Among Boers 249From the top we took our last glimpse of the fertile and warm ‘Boschveld,’ and turned our faces towards the less tempting, arid plains of the high country.
1888 Encycl. Brit. XXIII. 518Transvaal has been divided into three..distinct natural regions...These are..the Hooge veld,..the Banken veld,..the Bosch veld or bush country,..with an altitude of 3 000 to 4 000 feet and an area of 60 000 square miles.
1902 D. Van Warmelo On Commando 43Some hours north of Middelburg one suddenly leaves the high plateau of the Boschveld for a difficult road that curves steadily downwards between two high mountains.
1970 A. Connolly Informant, BloemfonteinWe are going to spend the winter months at a holiday resort in the Bosveld, as it is warmer there in winter.
1983 Daily Dispatch 11 May 6In the picturesque bosveld town of Ellisras, party workers also mixed amicably but this changed for a short while when news of the scuffle and argument..spread through the vast Waterberg constituency.
1989 D. Van Heerden in Sunday Times 18 June 2Sweating profusely on one of the coldest nights of the Bosveld winter, Mr Terre Blanche practically begged the CP not to oppose him at the polls.
2. bushveld sense 2. Also attributive.
1896 R. Wallace Farming Indust. of Cape Col. 96The introduction of livestock to the ‘boschjesveld’ (bush country) has destroyed the balance of nature.
[1914 C. Pettman Notes on S. Afr. Place Names 22Among Dutch place names must be included those which are applied to various localities as being descriptive of the character of the veld: e.g., Boschveld (bosch, bush), [etc.].]
a1928 C. Fuller Louis Trigardt’s Trek (1932) 97Across the bosveld stretches a dark line formed by a string of high green trees. This marks the course of the Olifants River.
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 17Glowing against the plain plaster walls the sultry bosveld dramas, the eternities of Karroo landscape, the studies of Native life.
1975 Sunday Times 7 Dec. (Mag. Sect.) 15There are plenty of wealthy men around who will tell you with a nostalgic sigh that they built an empire on nothing more than the cattle farm they inherited in the bosveld.
1985 D. Garside in Staffrider Vol.6 No.2, 15Let your little incisors Bite through the fat, the uppermost crust With its bosveld and koppies.
1990 Daily News 20 Apr. 1He..bought the bull because of its shorter sheath which would not catch in South African bosveld, its hardiness and its fertility.
3. Special Combination bosveld garnaal /- xarˈnɑːl/ (plural garnale/xarˈnɑːlə/) [Afrikaans, garnaal prawn], mopani worm (see mopani sense 3).
1986 Sunday Star 8 June 5It was the Bosveld-garnale (‘Bushveld prawns’ or, more accurately, mopani worms)..that brought the crowds.
1991 Personality 6 May 24Visualise a peculiar little bushveld delicacy called, aptly, bosveld garnale (bushveld prawns)..otherwise known as mopani worms.
The inland area to the north-east of the Cape Peninsula.
the Bushveld, see bushveld1. Also attributive.
bushveld2. Also attributive.
, mopani wormmopani3.
Hence bosvelder, bushvelder noun (see bushveld).
1986 Sunday Times 12 Jan. 13Outsiders must not accuse us of having a border mentality. We are simply hardened bosvelders.
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