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boschje, bossie, noun

Also bosje.
Dutch, AfrikaansShow more Dutch, bosch bush + diminutive suffix -je (Afrikaans bossie, bos bush + diminutive suffix -ie), ‘little bush’. Cf. bosch.
A bush.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 23A small number of the more remarkable indigenous plants are sometimes admitted to the honor of a place in their gardens:..and it is a curious fact, that, among the colonists, these have not even a name, but, when spoken of, are indiscriminately called bosjes (bushes).
1991 J. Coulter in Weekend Post 4 May (Leisure) 3This they did by bending saplings from the bosje (bush) and then covering them with thatching grass collected by the women.
A bush.

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