Boer meal, noun phrase

Also Boeremeal, and with small initial.
AfrikaansShow more Calque formed on Afrikaans boermeel, see boermeel.
A grade of wheat flour between white flour and whole-wheat flour in texture; boermeel; plaasmeel, see plaas sense 1 c. Also attributive.
1873 F. Boyle To Cape for Diamonds 141Average prices at that time on the markets were as follows:– Boer meal (cheap at this moment) 42s. per muid (200 lbs).
[1878 H.A. Roche On Trek in Tvl 110 (Pettman)Bread we could not get, only the Boer’s meal, i.e. the flour of the country.]
1886 Barberton Herald 20 July 1A.J. Crawford & Co., Preparatory to removing their Stores to Barberton and Eureka City, offer sound Mealie Meal at 12/- with sack included: Boer Meal 15/-.
1892 A. Sutherland in Cape Illust. Mag. Vol.3 No.4, 131What could one expect when one had nothing to make it (sc. the pudding) of but Boer-meal, crushed Ship’s biscuits, and spring-bok fat.
1897 R.S.S. Baden-Powell Matabele Campaign 399I found a little tea and Jackson some Boer meal (coarse flour). Of the latter we made a really very good porridge, and had a few spoonsful round and a sip of tea.
1907 Zululand Times 5 Jan. (advt)Always in stock or to arrive: Boer Meal, Bran,..Mealie Meal.
1914 S.P. Hyatt Old Transport Rd 36Up till the outbreak of the war, the average wage of a good driver had been three pounds a month with ‘Cape boy rations’ — a pound of Boer meal a day, a pound of tinned meat a week, coffee, sugar and as much Kaffir meal as he wanted.
1936 M. Higham Hsehold Cookery (1941) 271Wholemeal Bread. This is made exactly as above, but of course, wholemeal flour (unsifted Boer meal)..may be used.
1942 S. Cloete Hill of Doves 19Lena memorized the things she had to get...A bag of Boer meal, and a gallon of paraffin for her grandmother; and she was not to put the paraffin near the Boer meal.
1949 Cape Times 24 Sept. 8We used to get on farms the boermeal bread made from wheat, and nothing but wheat.
c1963 B.C. Tait Durban Story 55Cape flour, brought to Natal in 100 lb. bags, was expensive, so the careful housewife reserved this for pastry-making and baked her bread from Boer meal, imported or obtained from ’Maritzburg, which she sifted with the precious Cape flour.
1987 Personality 4 Nov. 29The shop’s the same as it was when my oupa bought it more than 70 years ago...Several of the old pine shelves contain a wealth of..boxes of old Dutch remedies, sak-tabbak, boer-meal and tinned pilchard.
A grade of wheat flour between white flour and whole-wheat flour in texture; boermeel; plaasmeel, see plaas1 c. Also attributive.
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