Boer Matriculation, noun phrase

Boerematriek. Also in shortened form Boer Matric. See also matriculation.
1924 L.H. Brinkman Glory of Backveld 193The child was taught to read the Bible and to write in a way, so as to qualify him for confirmation as a member of his church. This ‘Confirmation’ or ‘Boer Matriculation’ as it came to be called, was the pons asinorum of the young farmer, and when once through it, his education is complete.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 17Boer Matric,..Jocularly applied to the confirmation of members of the D.R. Church. In order to qualify as members, candidates have to attend a special course of lectures..and are subsequently submitted to a stiff oral examination.
Boerematriek. Also in shortened form Boer Matric.

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