Boer bread, noun phrase

Also Boers’ bread, and with small initial.
Afrikaans, EnglishShow more Partial translation of Afrikaans boerebrood; boer farmer(’s) + English bread.
Home-made bread, usually brown or whole-wheat; boerebrood. Also attributive.
1876 F. Boyle Savage Life 23The calls of appetite we had satisfied between-whiles with potted meat, sardines, biltongue or dried flesh, boer-bread, coffee, and miscellaneous articles.
1877 Lady Barker Yr’s Hsekeeping 318The only thing which at all daunted us was some freshly made Boers’ bread, of the colour of sponge, the consistency of clay, and the weight of pig-iron.
1882 S. Heckford Lady Trader in Tvl 213I could make the whole party laugh by saying how I tried to make bread myself, and how bad it was. That..led to my being asked whether the Boer bread was not nice.
1903 R. Kipling Five Nations 201Ah there, Piet! — be’ind ‘is stony kop, With “is Boer bread an” biltong, an’ ’is flask of awful Dop.
1914 L.H. Brinkman Breath of Karroo 98The Predikant’s larder was replenished with biltong, butter, huge loaves of Boer bread and dried sausages.
1925 H.J. Mandelbrote tr. of O.F. Mentzel’s Descr. of Cape of G.H. II. 143I maintain that ‘boer bread’ is tastier and more nourishing than the rye-bread of Amsterdam.
1933 W. Macdonald Romance of Golden Rand 205There was not a shop of any kind in the camp, and the only article of food procurable was some rather stale Boer bread.
Home-made bread, usually brown or whole-wheat; boerebrood. Also attributive.
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