Boer brandy, noun phrase

Also Boers’ brandy, and with small initial.
EnglishShow more Boer sense 1 a + English brandy.
Brandy distilled privately by individual farmers. Also shortened form Boers. See also Cape brandy.
1832 Graham’s Town Jrnl 24 Feb. 33W.R. Thompson Will hold a Public Sale on Monday next the 27 instant of a variety of fresh Goods,..Cape and Boers’ Brandy [etc.].
1864 T. Shone Diary. 18 Nov.Yesterday Henry gave me a pint of boar Brandy.
1866 E. Wilson Reminisc. 41We discovered a number of Natives..drinking freely in the canteen, of Boer brandy, or, as it is generally called here, ‘Cape Smoke’.
1872 C.A. Payton Diamond Diggings 106He starts for the Fields with his big waggon, his team of oxen..and a good stock of maize flour, tobacco, and ‘Boer brandy’.
1884 Queenstown Free Press 22 June (Pettman)The price of a glass of Boers or whisky is sixpence, though the former costs the hotel keeper considerably less than half the price of the latter.
1900 B. Mitford Aletta 11Boer brandy, when pure and well matured, is about the best liquor in the world, and this was the best of its kind.
1977 Family Radio & TV 19 Sept. 51The creation of this Boer brandy has been a dying art since the ’20s when intervention by the newly formed KWV became essential because the standards of 3 000 farmers making and marketing their own recipes were often disastrous...Even legal Boer brandy heard the death sentence in 1964 when the KWV ruled that no more private licences would be issued.
Brandy distilled privately by individual farmers. Also shortened form Boers.
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