bloubokkie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, bloubok (blou blue + bok antelope, goat) + diminutive suffix -ie.
The blue duiker (see duiker sense 1 b), Philantomba monticola.
[1951 A. Roberts Mammals 323Guevei caerula caerula, Blue Duiker, Bloubokkie.]
1973 Cape Times 13 Jan. (Mag. Sect.) 4The little Blue Duiker, or the Bloubokkie, which is the smallest South African antelope, as small as a hare in fact.
1978 Het Suid-Western 20 Sept.Ruthless people have been shooting at and allowing their dogs to hunt down the tiny herd of rare little bloubokkies.
The blue duikerduiker1 b, Philantomba monticola.
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