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befok, adjective

bafok, bevokShow more Also bafok, bevok, and (attributive) befokte.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans befok (attributive form -te) ‘fucked’.
Not in polite use. Messed up, ‘screwed up’; ‘not right in the head’. Cf. bosbefok.
1979 F. Dike First S. African 22Hey, but Mtshiselwa is bafok...Max: You know Mtshiselwa is not very clever, and he is not foolish either.
1985 Frontline Aug. 54I don’t suppose it’ll ever end. It’ll go on until the blacks get the vote, and then we’re befok...Of course guys who spend long enough living in the bush end up bedonderd, but that’s just normal army befok, it’s not bossies like from war.
Messed up, ‘screwed up’; ‘not right in the head’.

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