Bantu beer, noun phrase

EnglishShow more Bantu adjective sense 2 b + English beer.
obsolescent, offensive
tshwala. Also attributive.
1962 Act 63 in Stat. of Rep. of S. Afr. 1005‘Bantu beer’ means — (a) the drink generally known as kaffir beer and commonly brewed by Bantu from kaffir corn or millet or other grain; and (b) any other fermented liquor which the State President may from time to time by proclamation in the Gazette declare to be Bantu beer.
1962 J. Scott in Capricorn High School Mag. 42We experimental plant for the brewing of Bantu beer.
1968 Cole & Flaherty House of Bondage 141Bantu a thick, sour-tasting drink, purplish in color, and containing only a piddling two per cent of alcohol. The beer comes in waxed half-gallon cartons that look like milk containers.
1968 J. Lelyveld in Cole & Flaherty House of Bondage 9The state raises much of the money with which it runs the townships — and, thus, holds down white taxes — by brewing the concoction known as Bantu beer and operating all drinking establishments where black men can legally imbibe.
1970 Heard & Faull Cookery in Sn Afr. 466Kaffir beer, the traditional drink of the various Bantu tribes, is not to be confused with the new Bantu beer, a powder and water preparation sold on the Rand and in most South African urban areas and now supplied through the various Beer Halls for the Africans.
1971 Sunday Times 31 Oct. 17The Bantu Beer Unit of the CSIR Requires: Two Senior Biochemists.
1972 Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. VI. 266Approximately 90% of the Kaffir-corn consumed in South Africa goes as malt and meal into the brewing of Bantu beer. Apart from home brewing, over 455 million litres are brewed annually in the breweries of local authories, mining companies, and large-scale employers of Bantu labour.
1980 C. Hermer Diary of Maria Tholo 34The Administration Board operated beerhalls selling ‘jabulani’ or ‘bantu beer’ mainly to migrants.
1988 Farmer’s Weekly 1 Jan. 89Redcorn malt. For making Bantu beer.
tshwala. Also attributive.
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