Bantoe, noun

Show more Afrikaans pronunciation-spelling of Bantu.
Used satirically, as a response to perceived patronizing attitudes among Afrikaans-speakers.
1. obsolescent. Bantu noun sense 1 (offensive).
1969 A. Fugard Boesman & Lena 25You’re one of the good Bantoes hey. I can see it.
1978 [see kafee].
2. combinations
Bantoedorp /-dɔrp/ [Afrikaans, dorp town], also in dimunitive form Bantoedorpie [see -ie], township noun sense 2 a;
Bantoetaal /-tɑːl/, plural Bantoetale /tɑːlə/ [Afrikaans, taal language], Bantu noun sense 3.
c1970 C. Desmond Discarded People 155I drove down the road and..asked someone where this ‘Bantoedorp’ was.
1981 Voice 18 Mar. 4The LDC wanted to move his father’s subjects to a new ‘Bantoe dorpie’ against their will.
1990 Frontline Mar.Apr. 13The blacks don’t like to speak to them in Afrikaans; they want to speak English or Bantoetaal.
1978 M.J. Mtsaka Not his Pride 12I’m not sure what that means, but if it was an insult all those whites who know Bantoetale would have stopped long ago.
Bantunoun1 (offensive).
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