ban, verb transitive

As ban noun.
Usually passive, of a person: to be placed under restrictions in terms of security legislation. Cf. list, restrict, unban.
1953 Drum Aug. 9Albert J. at present banned from attending any public gathering and from visiting 21 magisterial districts.
c1968 J. Cope in New S. Afr. Writing No.5, 134He’s just been released from jail, and he’s banned and can’t meet people. It must be bloody lonely for him.
1969 A. Paton Kontakion 90Because Bill was banned, only one person could speak to him at a time; otherwise he would have been taking part in a ‘gathering’, and could have been arrested on the spot.
1971 Seek June 15In my opinion and that of many others, many of those banned are not guilty of any serious offence against the State.
1977 J. Sikakane Window on Soweto 65In 1963 both Lawrence and Rita were banned, which means being subject to restriction orders, not allowed to continue working or travel outside one’s home district.
1985 Weekly Mail 22 Nov. 1After her visit yesterday, Mrs Mandela spoke briefly to the press. She is banned and cannot be quoted.
1990 Weekend Argus 17 Feb. 12Their real opponents were in jail, banned or otherwise prevented from airing their views and desires.
to be placed under restrictions in terms of security legislation.
Hence banned participial adjective, and absolutely, ‘banned people’.
1971 Seek June 15It is a remarkable thing that one so rarely hears prayers offered for the banned in the ordinary services of the parish churches.
1974 Drum 22 July 10‘I was slightly better off than other banned people,’ he said. ‘It was possible for me to attend church and meet people.’
1977 A. Roscoe Uhuru’s Fire 226The voice reserved for the banned, the muzzled, the exiled,..the detained.
1990 R. Stengel January Sun 196The movie is a bootleg tape of an American cable television movie...It is technically illegal to show because Mandela is a ‘banned’ person. Listening to the words of a banned person is a violation of the Internal Security Act.
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