Bamangwato, plural noun

α. Bamangato, BamangoatoShow more Bamangato, Bamangoato, Bamanguato, Bamangwatese, Bamangwato, BamaNgwato, Bamanwhato, Bawangwato.
β. Ngwato.
SeTswanaShow more SeTswana, ba- + Mangwato (original sense uncertain).
(The) members of the largest people of the Tswana group, living mainly in Botswana. See also Tswana sense 2 a. Also attributive.
The Bamangwato were originally part of the Bakwena people.
The unprefixed β form ‘Ngwato’ is found mainly in academic contexts. A singular form, ’Mangwato, has been found in one source (see quotation 1896).
1835 A. Smith Diary (1940) II. 32When in the Bamanguato country a lion sprung over a kraal at least six feet high.
1857 D. Livingstone Missionary Trav. 10I went northwards to visit the Bakaa and Bamangwato and the Makalaka living between 22° and 23° south lat.
1896 H.A. Bryden Tales of S. Afr. 127Seventy wagons and more now stood beside the Crocodile, whose owners,..awaited the return of two deputies sent to Khama, Chief of Bamangwato, through whose country they first had to pass.
1896 H.A. Bryden Tales of S. Afr. 157I had also in my outfit..a ’Mangwato, a capital fellow at languages, and understood Zulu and Dutch.
1900 H.C. Hillegas Oom Paul’s People 13Khama is the paramount chief of the Bawangwato, whose territory is included in the British Bechuanaland protectorate, situated about one thousand miles due north from Cape Town.
1928 E.H.L. Schwarz Kalahari & its Native Races 223As the nation grew, other sections hived off, under separate seretos...The last to hive off were the Batawana, who are an offspring of the Ba-Mangwato, or Khama’s people.
1931 O. Letcher Afr. Unveiled 122The Bamangwato is a tribe inhabiting Bechuanaland on the eastern fringe of the Kalahari desert.
1937 C. Birkby Zulu Journey 315The Bamangwato, the people whom Khama ruled so wisely, have reduced another tribe, the Masarwas, to a state of serfdom.
1949 J. Mockford Golden Land 103Serowe, royal capital of the Bamangwato — the most numerous and influential tribe in Bechuanaland.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 57Beside him sat one or other of the younger Bamangwatese maidens.
1975 W.F. Lye Andrew Smith’s Jrnl 1834–6 II.Index, bamaNgwato, (Rendered Bamangato, Bamanwhato etc.) Major division of the Tswana descending from the Kwena.
1978 Drum Feb. 6Sir Seretse was allowed to return from Oxford to Botswana on condition he did not make claims to the Bamangwato throne, which was hereditarily his.
1987 M. Holmes in Leadership Vol.6 No.4, 49In 1950 the Labour government arbitrarily ruled that Seretse Khama was not fit to lead the Bamangwato tribe and should remain in Britain.
1990 Sunday Times 1 July 3The engagement has already upset leaders of Botswana’s powerful Bamangwato tribe.
1986 P. Maylam Hist. of Afr. People 45The Ngwato were the second chiefdom to break away from the Kwena in the late eighteenth century.
(The) members of the largest people of the Tswana group, living mainly in Botswana.
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