bakgat, adjective, interjection, and adverb

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, ultimate origin unknown; perhaps bak baking + gat hole, the theory being that the best bread was baked by the old method of making a fire in a hole; or perhaps bak fine, ‘A1’ + gat hole, (slang) arse.
A. adjective Good, excellent, fine, pleasing.
1965 C. Hoogendijk Informant, WelkomHereby enclosed please find the following valuables: 2 Bakgat snaps. Thanks a lot for the photo.
1970 M. Bennett Informant, KrugersdorpBakgat — tops, fine.
1975 J.H. Picard in Eng. Usage in Sn Afr. Vol.6 No.1, 36If everything is in order they will feel bakgat (fine).
[1980 Sunday Times 4 May (Mag. Sect.) 8She is offering a glass of her favourite wine,..which is ‘bak’. ‘Bak’ is her word for anything that pleases her..movies, friends, theatre and her brother.]
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 18Vince: (fondling his boots): Bakgat, hey? Fibreglass bottoms. West Germany wore these things in the last World Cup.
1989 Weekend Post 26 Aug. 11If that main-man what counts among the taal-tiffies, Dr Samuel Johnson, could hear military Englikaans he would get a skrik..but William Shakespeare would feel bakgat about it.
1989 Sunday Tribune 17 Dec. 1It may cost as much as your very own game reserve, but as the only one of its kind in the country, it’s a real bakgat bakkie!
1990 Fair Lady 23 May 68Whether he’s lovingly lampooning the platteland,..or making bakgat ads, people fall about laughing.
1992 D. Evans in Sunday Times 17 May 26Neither of them have the kind of bakgat confidence you might expect from the top contenders. Both are expecting an epic duel in this year’s up-run.
B. interjection An exclamation of approval, pleasure, etc.
1969 A. Fugard Boesman & Lena 32Boesman’s alright. Two bottles and a pondokkie. Bakgat!
1971 Informant, GrahamstownA try! Bakgat!
1989 Sunday Times 15 Jan. 9Johan leant against the wooden balustrade. ‘Now imagine having a sundowner here with this view, eh?’ ‘Bakgat!’ Clearly Stoffel could imagine.
1992 S. Gutknecht in Sunday Times 19 Apr. (Mag. Sect.) 28Entertainer David Kramer thinks bakgat is great. ‘It’s totally expressive,’ he says. ‘It defines a feeling of exhilaration and carries far more weight than a word like amazing.’
C. adverb Well, perfectly.
1990 W. Smith Golden Fox 236‘How is it going, Mick?’ ‘Bak gat, Mr Courtney!’ The driller used a coarse Afrikaans expression of ultimate approbation.
Good, excellent, fine, pleasing.
An exclamation of approval, pleasure, etc.
Well, perfectly.

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