avo, noun

colloquial. Shortened form of Avocado pear. Also attributive.
1983 Rand Daily Mail 16 Sept. 12The avo and biltong and the bean soup..followed by..the Cape dishes and the denningvleis.
1986 Cape Times 26 Feb.Beware of green avos...The SA Avocado Growers’ Association has warned people against buying immature avos.
1986 J. Whyle in S. Gray Market Plays 164There was honey on the avo and we were stoned and Ricky kept saying Eastern Province avos are really sweet.
1987 E. Prov. Herald 4 June 13Avos 35c each.
1988 H. Prendini in Style June 102We’re talking Blairgowrie, Westdene, Mondeor. The land of the slasto patio, the curlicued burglar guard, the avo dip.
1992 A. Forrow on TV1, 24 Oct. (Amanda’s Way)You can always have a spare avo on hand to do your garnish afterwards.
1993 C. Eden in Food & Home Aug. 138Tell Pantie you don’t want 20 avos all at once, and his face crumples in pain.
Shortened form of Avocado pear. Also attributive.
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