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EnglishShow more Australopithecus + English noun- and adjective-forming suffix -ine.
A. noun , plural australopithecines, australopithecinae. A member of the genus Australopithecus, the family of southern man-apes.
1947 R. Broom in Pan-Afr. Congress on Prehist. 111In the near future we hope to get further specimens which will help us to decide whether the Australopithecines and man arose from a Proconsul-like group or from a still earlier and less anthropoid group.
1947 W.E. Le Gros Clark in Pan-Afr. Congress on Prehist. 113The Australopithecinae represent an extinct group of the Hominoidae which must be associated with the line of hominid evolution rather than with that leading to the modern large apes.
1962 R. Mason Prehist. of Tvl 94Within..the last million years hominid evolution may have followed a progression from australopithecines to pithecanthropines, whose earliest known representatives appear to be about thirty-five thousand years old.
1962 R. Mason Prehist. of Tvl 96If australopithecines used weapons they were merely extending a well-known aspect of animal behaviour, for a variety of birds, insects and mammals use tools.
1970 P.V. Tobias in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. I. 609Most anthropologists today consider that the differences are of such an order that it is best to regard all the australopithecines as members of a single genus with several species.
1978 R.R. Inskeep Peopling of Sn Afr. 27[Australopithecus] africanus is often referred to informally as the gracile (slender) australopithecine in contrast to the robust species.
1984 A. Turner in S. Afr. Jrnl of Science LXXX. 201Dart’s claims for the bone-tool using, meat eating and homicidal habits of the australopithecines of the Transvaal caves had a significant effect on ideas about human evolution.
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 11Australopithecus africanus..lived between one and three million years ago...More discoveries followed, helping to fill the gaps between the australopithecines and modern man.
B. adjective Of or pertaining to a member of the genus Australopithecus.
1957 R.A. Dart in 3rd Pan Afr. Congress on Prehist. 164There are nearly 7 times as many baboon as australopithecine fragments and only 1 out of 376 bone fragments is australopithecine. However at least 45 baboon and 5 australopithecine creatures are represented in the remains recovered: 9 times as many baboons as australopithecines.
A member of the genus Australopithecus, the family of southern man-apes.
Of or pertaining to a member of the genus Australopithecus.
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