ace, noun

Also eis.
Australian English, South African English, AfrikaansShow more Etymology obscure: perhaps from Australian English, referring to the single mark on a playing card; reinforced in South African English by the similarity in sound between ‘ace’ and Afrikaans eie (in the phrase op jou eie on your own.
In the phrase on one’s ace: on one’s own, alone.
Also Australian and N.Z. English. The spelling ‘Uys’ (quotation 1972) is a play on an Afrikaans surname pronounced ‘ace’.
1972 R. Malan Ah Big Yaws 53There can be a certain isolationist pride in doing things on your Uys.
1975 Darling 9 Apr. 95The groovy okies what you can connect with there if you happen to rock along on yore eis.
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 12He shouts from the bladdy bench we mustn’t crowd him! (He laughs scornfully) The oke’s on his ace — we mustn’t crowd him!
on one’s own, alone.
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