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a luta continua, phrase

Also aluta continua.
PortugueseShow more Portuguese, a the + luta struggle, fight + continua continues.
‘The struggle continues’, a political rallying-cry. Also elliptical aluta. Cf. die stryd duur voort.
Part of the international language of resistance, particularly in Portuguese-speaking countries.
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 116We’ve been shut indoors for far too long. To tell the truth, my own nerves have been on edge, too. But what the hell! Aluta!
1991 K. Owen in Sunday Times 22 Sept. 29The [peace] accord has shifted the struggle from the military arena to the political, and to that extent it represents a normalisation of South African society. But a luta continua.
‘The struggle continues’, a political rallying-cry. Also ellipticalaluta.

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