Sun City, noun phrase

A joking transferred use of the proprietory name of a luxury hotel complex situated near the town of Rustenburg (North-West Province).
prison slang
A nickname for Diepkloof prison (Gauteng Province). Cf. Blue Sky, oubaas sense 5.
1987 S.A. Botha in Frontline Oct.Nov. 9Don’t you worry, my broer, this isn’t boep. Wait until you get to Central. Oh yes, my broer then you’ll check what’s potting. You’ll beg them to come back here to Sun City.
1993 Sunday Times 4 Apr. 1The ease with which the 16 prisoners escaped from Diepkloof Prison has left many questions unanswered...Prison officials say they cannot recall a similar escape. Only one prisoner got out of ‘Sun City’ last year.
A nickname for Diepkloof prison (Gauteng Province).

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