Damara, noun

Also Dammara, and (rarely) in shortened form Dama.
NamaShow more Adaptation of the feminine plural form of Nama damap black people.
The name of an African people of Namibia, used attributively and in Special Combinations
Damara Cattle, Damaraland Cattle, a breed of indigenous cattle, now extinct;
Damara dik-dik, Damaraland dik-dik, the tiny antelope Madoqua kirkii of the Bovidae, found in parts of Namibia and southern Angola;
Damara mother, Damara mother tree, Damara’s mother, Damara’s mother tree, hardekool;
Damara tern, the small migratory seabird Sterna balaenarum of the Laridae.
1856 C.J. Andersson Lake Ngami 319From their quick step, good feet, and enduring powers, the Damara cattle are much prized by the farmer of the Cape-Colony.
1986 Weekend Argus 9 Aug. (Suppl.) 4The rare Damara terns nest in the dune system.