Big Five, noun phrase

A collective name coined by hunters for the five largest and most dangerous African mammals: the rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard. Also attributive.
[1987 Cape Times 7 July (Time Share) 3The Big Five — elephant, rhino, kudu, lion and leopard..have given Mabula Bush Lodge a quality unique.]
1988 S. Afr. Panorama May 14South Africa is the only country where the ‘Big Five’, namely elephant, white rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard can still be hunted.
1990 P. Candido in Weekend Argus 9 June 16He said it was about time the Department of Conservation was given more clout to control the hunting of the ‘Big Five’.
1993 Here’s What You Should Know about S. Africa’s New R50 Banknote (South African Reserve Bank) (pamphlet)The new banknotes..depict the ‘big five’ animals..The R50 note has a lion as the main motif...The R20 note will feature an elephant...The R10 note will have the rhinoceros as motif...The R100 note will feature the buffalo...The R200 note will have a leopard on the front.
1994 D. McDonald in Afr. Wildlife Vol.48 No.3, 13The traditional ‘big five’ of ecotourism — lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo — will be joined by the new ‘big five’ of the South African environment: housing, electricity, water, sewerage and refuse removal.
the rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard. Also attributive.
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