toa-grass, noun

San, EnglishShow more Adaptation of San doa, dhoa grass + English grass.
twa-grass. Also (occasionally) towa.
1883 B. Ridsdale Scenes & Adventures in Great Namaqualand 79The vast plains of Great Namaqualand, covered with the strong and high towa, or Bushman grass.
1914 W.C. Scully Lodges in Wilderness 21Heavy-headed shocks of ‘toa’ grass, yellow or light green in hue, according to the more or less scanty rainfall.
1918 J.W. Bews Grasses & Grasslands of S. Afr. 153A. brevifolia, English Toa Grass, Dutch T’waa Gras.
1920 F.C. Cornell Glamour of Prospecting 246We lit fires of dry toa grass.
1929 J.W. Bews World’s Grasses 211A. brevifolia, ‘Toa grass,’ is a suffrutescent, very xerophytic species which covers wide areas of desert, or rather does not cover them, but is often almost the only plant to be found on them.
1949 K.L. Simms Sun-Drenched Veld 10Tufts of toa grass.
twa-grass. Also (occasionally) towa.
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