South African, adjectival phrase and & noun phrase

A. adjectival phrase 1. Before 1910: Of or pertaining to southern Africa or its inhabitants. 2. Between 1910 and 1961: Of or pertaining to the Union of South Africa or its inhabitants. 3. After 1961: Of or pertaining to the Republic of South Africa or its inhabitants; SA adjective.
1824 S. Afr. Jrnl I. 29Poor Gert Schepers, a Vee Boer of the Cradock District, was less fortunate in an encounter with a South African lion.
1827 A.J. Jardine Fragment of Church Hist. 40There are those who would dwell on certain defects in the character of the South African people.
1837 J.E. Alexander Narr. of Voy. I. 341We..saw a noble and extensive South African landscape.
1843 J.C. Chase Cape of G.H. 231The luxury of this free mode of life..and the palpable manifestations of power, render a South African waggon trip enviable.
1848 H. Ward Five Yrs in Kaffirland I. 173A South African morning is incomparably beautiful.
1857 Cape Monthly Mag. II. Oct. 200I entered upon the of a South African colonist.
1861 W.A. Newman in J.S. Mayson Malays of Capetown 25A man (whether Dutch or English, Malay or South African) marrying in the colony without an ante-nuptial contract, immediately creates a partnership between himself and his wife.
1871 J. Mackenzie Ten Yrs N. of Orange River 310This South African despot..seemed to be possessed of tender feelings.
1915 J.K. O’Connor Afrikander Rebellion 116The spirit of parochialism must be deleted, and in its place must grow a united South African spirit.
1930 L. Barnes Caliban in Afr. 108When the Dutchman speaks of the South African nation.., he means the Dutch plus so many British perverts to the Dutch point of view as they can muster.
1934 B.I. Buchanan Pioneer Days 29Very comfortable we found the South African ox-wagon.
1949 J. Rose Innes in F.G. Butler When Boys Were Men (1969) 268‘The South African spirit’, as understood by those who extol it, implies a view on the Native question which I cannot share.
1964 G. Gordon Four People 304Ignoring the South African ‘way of life’, groups of Africans.., so far from respectfully making way for whites to pass, in some cases even pushed them off the pavements.
1970 Cape Times 4 JuneI trust that..he will concentrate on the differences in policy which divide his party from mine, rather than hurling round hollow adjectives like..‘un-South African’.
1971 S. Afr. Panorama July 23The house is typically South African.
1974 E. Prov. Herald 28 Sept.‘The established South African way of life,’ was yesterday given as the reason for the Government’s refusal to allow sexually mixed university residences.
1976 Sunday Times 1 Aug. 15Afrikaans schools in general are more attuned to the so-called South African way of life, namely, rugby, Chevrolet and braaivleis..than to inculcating in young people culture development.
1976 V. Rosenberg Sunflower 228We..find ourselves at the..cross-roads in respect of South African literature.
1980 C. Hermer Diary of Maria Tholo 5The Tholos ‘belonged’ to the Ciskei — and on independence of that homeland they automatically lost their South African citizenship.
1985 Frontline Sept. 17Some die particularly South African deaths — stepping on a landmine, burned by a mob, or at the receiving end of ‘rubber bullets and birdshot.’
1987 C. Hope Hottentot Room 155Mona’s voice was one which gives to the South African accent, already suspect for flat monotonous vowels and droning pronunciation, its rather dull reputation.
1989 P. Cull in E. Prov. Herald 7 Feb. 7The ANC..was..‘as South African as any of us here,’ the deputy-leader of the Labour Party..said yesterday.
4. In the special collocation South African English: a. Those varieties of English spoken by South Africans. b. The South African English (plural.): South African English-speakers collectively; see also Essa.
1909 J.W. Wessels in State Dec. 702Do you..believe that there will be in the remote future a type of English known as South African English?
1967 W. Branford Elements of Eng. 51Within South African English, for instance, there are now both RP and non-RP dialects...I shall occasionally abbreviate South African English as SAE.
[1976 V. Rosenberg Sunflower 228Writing in English in this country, are we going to write English or are we going to write South African?]
1981 A. Paton in Optima Vol.30 No.2, 86It is interesting to note that the South African English have never called themselves a nation.
1986 N. Wrench in Style Dec. 53His outburst on Midweek..added a new word to South African English.
B. noun phrase 1. Before 1910: An inhabitant of southern Africa. 2. Between 1910 and 1961: A citizen or inhabitant of the Union of South Africa. 3. Since 1961: A citizen or inhabitant of the Republic of South Africa. See also SA noun1.
1867 Cape Town Mail & Advertiser in L. Lloyd Notes of Trav. (1969) 332Mr Andersson, though a Swede by birth, was half an Englishman by blood, and quite a South African by adoption.
1871 J. Mackenzie Ten Yrs N. of Orange River p.vThat part..describes the results of the past contact of Europeans with South Africans.
1891 O.E.A. Schreiner Thoughts on S. Afr. (1923) 45The South African in Europe hardly knows whether to admire or to scorn the smooth, gentle-flowing streams between their green banks.
1893 Cape Illust. Mag. Vol.4 No.10, 368We are to all intents and purposes no longer Englishmen or Dutchmen, but South Africans, with common aims and common interests.
1903 D. Blackburn Burgher Quixote 5If I appear to put great weight on my good descent, it is..for the..reason that I am writing not only for South Africans, but for uninformed Englanders.
1912 F. Bancroft Veldt Dwellers 120You’re an English South African, but a Transvaler.
1936 L.G. Green in Best of S. Afr. Short Stories (1991) 167It is good for city-dwelling South Africans to enter this green world of the forests.
c1949 Survey of Race Rel. 1948–9 (S.A.I.R.R.) 4The Coloured..have always regarded themselves as South Africans with aspirations to a full development of life here.
1957 Junod & Jaques Wisdom of Tsonga-Shangana People 12If this book can help South Africans of European descent and South Africans of Bantu descent to understand..that Man finds his own humanity in the relations and contacts he has with other men, the..aim..will have been fulfilled.
1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 55We seldom report the death of a South African, we speak of a dead African, a dead Indian, a dead Coloured, a dead European.
1978 Financial Mail 14 Apr. 105A few months ago Plural Relations Minister Connie Mulder confirmed that the aim of the bantustan policy was that ultimately there would be no black South Africans.
1985 R. Gotkin in Style Apr. 34 (letter)As a child it was always traumatic to be on the beach while hundreds of fellow South Africans had to remain on the landing above.
1987 Weekly Mail 28 Aug. 11Their next village will be incorporated into Bophutatswana, making the Mogopa people non-South Africans.
1991 Sunday Times 14 July (Extra) 8Now that the Population Registration Act is gone Mrs Robertson wants to see a single, non-racial welfare department...‘They are all South Africans now and parity is the answer...
4. Absolute uses of the adjective.
Quotation 1930 refers to shares on the stock market.
1930 Economist (U.K.) 8 Nov. 866South Africans remained firm.
1969 Guardian (U.K.) 24 Oct. 9You will need some medium-dry sherry...You could go for a good South African at about £1.
5. nonce. A hypothetical language common to all South Africans.
1990 R. Van Tonder in Frontline Sept. 27Nobody can speak ‘South African’. There is no such language or culture and never has been.
Before 1910: Of or pertaining to southern Africa or its inhabitants.
Between 1910 and 1961: Of or pertaining to the Union of South Africa or its inhabitants.
After 1961: Of or pertaining to the Republic of South Africa or its inhabitants; SAadjective.
Those varieties of English spoken by South Africans.
South African English-speakers collectively;
Before 1910: An inhabitant of southern Africa.
Between 1910 and 1961: A citizen or inhabitant of the Union of South Africa.
Since 1961: A citizen or inhabitant of the Republic of South Africa.
A hypothetical language common to all South Africans.
Hence South Africana noun phrase nonce, artefacts which are characteristically South African (cf. Africana); South Africanize transitive verbal phrase, to make (something) South African in nature; South Africanness noun phrase, the quality of being South African.
1985 Cape Times 25 Nov.A lovely tongue-in-cheek look at South Africana, of which Van’s home is the epitome: Springbok trophies (two nogal!) at the entrance, fur-on-the-dashboard cars and veldskoens.
1990 Weekly Mail 22 June (Suppl.) 7The white man in Africa must earn his right to first imagines it requires only that he succeed in denying his South Africanness.
1990 Weekly Mail 29 June 5The new state, first of all to attenuate the legacy of structural apartheid, and then to valorise our South Africanness by orchestrating and blending our diversities, will have to be strong.
1990 Sunday Times 30 Sept. 18They use the tune, the refrain and the idea of the song, South Africanising the words with not too much wit or invention.
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