seven year, noun phrase

Dutch, AfrikaansShow more Translation of Dutch zevenjaart, zevenjaartje, later Afrikaans sewejaartjie, see sewejaartjie.
Used attributively in the phrases seven year bloem, seven years’ bloem /-blʊm/ [South African Dutch bloem flower (plural -en)], also seven year bloom, seven year flower: everlasting.
1847 [see everlasting].
1857 Hortulanus in Cape Monthly Mag. I. June 350Of the order Compositeæ Helichrysum..the well-known ‘seven years’ bloem,’ or ‘everlasting flowers,’ are rarely seen in the Cape gardens, although so showy in appearance, and so often seen, in the dried state, in the parlours of the curious.
1883 M.A. Carey-Hobson Farm in Karoo 51They found on the mountain a great variety of ever-lasting flowers; or, as Dollie called them, ‘seven years’ bloemen’.
1970 L. Croudace in J.W. Loubser Africana Short Stories 156The wax-flowered sewe-jaartjies — the little seven year flowers as they call them in the ever-practical Afrikaans —..spangled the mountains.
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