sakkie-sakkie, adjective and & noun

Also sakie-sakie.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, probably echoic, representing the repetitive rhythm of the music.
Sometimes used disparagingly.
A. adjective Descriptive of a simple, rhythmical style of boeremusiek (sense 1).
1970 L. Du Toit Informant, BloemfonteinWith all the pop music today, sakie-sakie music is not very popular with the younger set.
1980 In the Clouds (S. Afr. Airways) Dec. 9This R5 million Spa in the Bushveld...Piped sakkie/sakkie [sic] music, fish and chips, melted ice cream cones on the grass.
1983 A. Baron in Cape Times 9 Dec. 10He..does a tiekie draai with the constable to sakkie sakkie music.
1987 Star 27 Feb. 4The Chip Chip band from Vryburg gave ‘boeremusiek’ a whole new meaning with its electronic instruments but the ‘sakkie-sakkie lang-arm dans’ will never change if the CP has its way.
1989 J. Evans in Personality 29 May 15As the sakkie-sakkie music drifts over the desert.., bikes and cars limp in, their drivers looking haggard, frustrated and grubby.
1991 V. Warren Informant, AlbertonTonight we are going to the Townhall to dance to real sakkie-sakkie music.
B. noun a. boeremusiek sense 1. b. A dance performed to this music. See also langarm noun, skoffel noun2 sense 1. Also attributive.
1982 Album sleeve, Gallo Recording Co.Also Hooked on Sakkie Sakkie. First National Sakkie Sakkie Boere Country Band.
1983 E. Prov. Herald 12 Jan. 6For the sakkie-sakkie fans, Mandy Faiers enchanted the crowds with her performance of ‘Hak hom Blokkies’.
1985 A. Goldstuck in Frontline Feb. 21Barry thinks of Cajun music as the American version of sakkie sakkie — using fiddles instead of guitars.
1990 R. Stengel January Sun 186They are extremely good dancers and do something called the sakkie-sakkie, which looks like a cross between a square dance and the hustle. The sakkie-sakkie is done in rows, and the dancing is regimented.
1990 P. Feldman in Star 11 Sept. (Tonight) 8He has come up through the music ranks from sakkie-sakkie to punk to original Afrikaans rock, but based on a strong ’60s vibe.
Descriptive of a simple, rhythmical style of boeremusiek (sense 1).
A dance performed to this music.
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