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rock-fish, noun

South African DutchShow more Translation of South African Dutch klipvisch, see klipvis.
1. klipfish sense 1. 2. The Hottentot (noun sense 2 b), Pachymetopon blochii.
1731 G. Medley tr. of P. Kolben’s Present State of Cape of G.H. I. 225The Hottentots frequently take Abundance of a Sort of Fish, call’d Rock-Fish. These are Fish without Scales.
[1949 J.L.B. Smith Sea Fishes of Sn Afr. 355Ophthalmolophus helenae...Klipfish. Klipvis. Rocky...Attains 4ins. From East London to the Bashee River, in shallow water under rocks.]
3. With qualifying word: king rock-fish, the kingklip (sense 2), Genypterus capensis.
[1801 J. Barrow Trav. I. 30Another Blennius, called the King Rock-fish, is sometimes caught with the former.]
1843 J.C. Chase Cape of G.H. 169Koning Klip Fish, King Rock Fish. Scarcer than the preceding (sc. klipfish), very considerably larger, and less delicate, but in much repute.
klipfish1. 2. The Hottentot (noun2 b), Pachymetopon blochii.
king rock-fish, the kingklip (sense 2), Genypterus capensis.

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