ring-top, noun

nonce. a. ringkop sense a. b. head-ring.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 25They were ring-tops — a senior regiment therefore, with leopard-skin collars round their necks and white shields.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 232He kept his finger-nails long as a mark of aristocratic idleness and of course his ring-top of melted bee’s-wax, symbol of Zulu manhood.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 313His ring top, to touch which was a mortal insult, was cut off and put round Pita’s neck.
1967 O. Walker Hippo Poacher 115When he saw Tom, the kehla, or ringtop, rejoiced, ‘Today I will taste sugar again after so long a time.’
Hence ring-topped adjective.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 182Neither the Ulundi nor the Gqikazi divisions of the Zulu army had found real employment at Isandhlwana. They were ring-topped men all of them.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 216‘Now I am an old man,’ he said shaking his ring-topped head.
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