putu pap, noun phrase

Also putopap.
Zulu, AfrikaansShow more Adaptation of Zulu uphuthu thick porridge (probably related to ideophone putu of crumbling to pieces) + Afrikaans pap porridge.
a1931 S. Black in S. Gray Three Plays (1984) 165Jan was the exception, a good boy. He only eats putupap.
1975 Argus 16 July 22Write down..all the things you see when you hear the word breakfast. The list might include dry bread and coffee, putu pap, oatmeal porridge, [etc.].
1977 S. Afr. Panorama Oct. 3‘Putopap’ (a tasty stiff porridge made from maize in a traditional manner) is a popular feature of South African ‘vleisbraais’.
1978 J. Bauling Walk in Shadows 129Stywe putu pap, made from meal,..was the staple diet of some of the country’s poorer indigenous inhabitants, but, ironically, a party treat for more recent settlers.
1988 H. Prendini in Style June 105Recently Wendy discovered putu pap. One of her trendy liberal friends served it at one of her braais.
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