pro-Boer, adjective and & noun

EnglishShow more English pro- favouring, siding with + Boer.
A. adjective Supportive of the Boer cause (especially during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899–1902).
1896 Daily News 22 Apr. 5If it were indeed a necessity of the situation to be pro-Boer or pro-British then as Britons we should be for the British.
1909 H.E.S. Fremantle New Nation p.xviIt would hardly be an exaggeration to say that we are all pro-British and all pro-Boer.
1939 M. Rorke Melina Rorke 250The whole of South Africa was molten with pro-English or pro-Boer sentiment, which might burst forth at any moment into a gigantic conflagration.
1955 D.L. Hobman Olive Schreiner 124Even in England Lloyd-George had to be secretly hustled out of a side door of the Birmingham Town Hall in order to avoid the angry crowd after a pro-Boer speech.
1987 G. Viney Col. Houses 144Robinson had been ‘unhelpful’ and, worse, ‘pro-Boer’.
1990 M. Nicol Powers that Be 109The modest John Sainsbury, gold digger, pro-Boer sympathiser.
B. noun A supporter of the Boer cause.
1902 W.C. Scully Harrow 65The Pro-Boers, who, be it remembered, did not label themselves — were they not treated under martial law with the same ignorant malignity that characterised the proceedings of the Inquisition?
[1922 J. Galsworthy Forsyte Saga 604‘Pro-Boer!’ The word still rankled.]
1955 D.L. Hobman Olive Schreiner 123Englishmen who took their side, pro-Boers, could not but appear as traitors in the eyes of their patriotic countrymen.
Supportive of the Boer cause (especially during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899–1902).
A supporter of the Boer cause.
Hence pro-Boerism noun, support of the Boers.
1900 Dundee Advertiser (U.K.) 23 Aug. 4Lord Rosslyn brings the novel charge of pro-Boerism against us.
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